We are Phoenix

We are an ambitious international group. Our group consists of a hybrid form of internationals and Dutch people. There are also experienced members in the group who will provide their knowledge and experience. Moreover, we really emphasize on the importance of providing equal opportunities for every member in the group. We are currently looking for both international and Dutch members. Experience does not matter, as long as you are eager to learn, and willing to contribute. We at Phoenix will provide you with an opportunity to become educated in investing, to gain and share knowledge, and to get to know more people who share the same ambition. We will combine investing with several social activities to maximize our experience. We won’t say anything else, we rather meet you in person at one of the B&R Drinks.

Who are we?
Daan Zonneveld

Chairman Phoenix 2015/2016

Justin van Haaren

Treasurer 2015/2016

Our members